Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the Amazing Spider-man #635 - Marvel

Ok, last issue, with the capture of Mattie Franklin, and her subsequent sacrifice, the Kravinoff's have resurrected Sergei's other son, Vladimir. Sasha wanted to test the process before trying to use it on her beloved husband. However, Mattie's connection to the spider-force . . I don't know what else to call it . . wasn't strong enough to bring him back fully, so . . what they've brought back is a bestial kind of animal. Which is what Sasha suspected. They need more pure blood to perform the ritual . . Spider-man's. Peter's gotten the help of Arachne, Julia Carpenter, and at the end of last issue the resurrected Ezekiel. Apparently he's been sent back to give Spider-man some information. But it's really all just a trap. When Peter and Julia go to try to help Arana, Anya Corazon, the Kravinoff's next target . . Peter finds that Ezekiel is actually the Chameleon, who's also working with Mysterio and few other of Spider-man's rogues gallery. Kaine is also involved with everything this issue. Anyways, the Rogues wear him down, and Sasha ends up shooting him with Sergei's gun. And by the time they put him on the alter for the sacrifice, they shoot him and stab him some more. Apparently . . they're going to get their wish. In the last panel of the story we see Sergei rising from the grave. Joe Kelly gave us a whole lot of information this issue, but there's still a whole lot of questions out there. I can't wait to see how Spider-man pulls himself out of this one next issue. It's drawn by Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano. In the back-up story we get some more information on how Kaine first crossed paths with Sergei. It's by JM DeMatteis and Max Fiumara. And finally we get the 2 page story by Stan Lee and Marcos Martin where the Brain and the Bull have crossed-over into the Marvel Universe from the real world. It's . . interesting. Anyways, I'm enjoying this Grim Hunt storyline. I'm glad we're finally seeing what the Kravinoff's have been up to, and get all of this behind us. There's a lot of cool things lined up for Spider-man's future, but . . not until we get through this story-line. By the way . . fantastic cover by Mike Fyles.

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