Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice League of America #46 - DC

I really like the look and feel of this book right now. I think James Robinson is doing a great job with the stories . . and the handling of the characters. Also, Mark Bagley's art is fantastic. I really fell in love with his style on Ultimate Spider-man, but . . I think he's doing an even more amazing job here. I don't know if it's just the variety of characters, or the sheer size of the cast but his panels seem even more epic here. In the middle of this book there's a 2 page spread where Jenny Lynn is powering up with her dad's Lantern . . it's really a fantastic sequence. And on the final page where we see Alan attack Mikaal, Starman . . he's wearing the same type of armor Hal did when he was posessed by Parallax. That could spell trouble. Anyways, what happened . . Jenny had to use her dad's Lantern to locate him and Todd. The Starheart is apparently using Todd's darkness to cloak it's presence, so not even Jenny can find them. But, with the Lantern's help, she figures out where they are . . the dark side of the moon. Which is how Mikaal ends up there, and face to face with Alan. Meanwhile, the rest of the JLA, and the Justice Society, are off trying to stop all the madness that seems to be occurring from magic-based, or elementally based heroes. The Starheart seems to be possessing them at random, just long enough to create enough chaos that all the heroes have to keep chasing their tails just to keep up with it all. Which leads me to believe that it's actually just trying to keep them all busy while it's accomplishing whatever it seems to be up to. Part of which seems to be building an emerald city in the darkness of the moon. Anyways, the team is split up into different factions. Batman, and a bunch of the heroes, are out firefighting . . all over the world. While Mr Terrific is trying to come up with a way to stop the possessions. Meanwhile, Jay has taken a team off to . . 'the one person who might be able to help us with Obsidian's darkness.' Hello! Who is that? I imagine it's someone with some kind of light-based powers. Dr Light, Black Lightning . . I don't know. But this is only the first part of this story, so . . we're not going to get all the answer to quickly. This story-arc will jump back and forth between Justice League and Justice Society for the next couple of books. The next part being in Justice Society #41. Overall I thought it was a great book. Like I said, it's really got a great feel to it right now. There's also a back-up story about Vic and Red Tornado. Obviously, Reddy is one of the hero's that goes nuts, thanks to the Starheart. The problem is . . Vic just got done rebuilding him, and right now . . he's virtually indestructible. Vic's definitely got his hands full. This part of the story is also by James, with art by Pow Rodrix. I can't wait to see the next part of this story.

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