Friday, June 18, 2010

Batgirl #11 - DC

I'm really diggin' this book. This little 'hero's quest', or whatever, that Bryan Q Miller has Stephanie on is fantastic. I think he's doing a great job of developing her character, and the stories are good. Right now the Calculator is coming after Oracle, and . . he's figured out that she's actually Barbara Gordon. Luckily he hasn't had time to share that with anyone else, so . . he's the only one that knows. But he's let a techno-virus loose on Gotham and about half the city is trying to find and kill Stephanie. Including Catwoman and the Huntress. But since they aren't in their right minds . . she can't use to much force while trying to defend herself. And during all of this, an unlikely ally comes to her aid . . Wendy . . the Calculator's daughter. Barbara has been trying to approach her, and get through to her for the last few months, but . . she doesn't want to push her, and . . she wants the choice to live her life to be her own. But somehow she ends up in the Bat-cave, and when she finds out what Stephanie is going through . . er, I'm sorry . . Batgirl! Wendy doesn't know who she is yet. When she finds out what she's going through, she can't help herself but to jump right into the fray. Stephanie is a little concerned about her well-being, but . . I don't think she could talk Wendy out of it even if she tried. Together they find out that the Calculator's signal is coming from a decommissioned military base in Slaughter Swamp. Which is also where he has Oracle . . Barbara. Speaking of which . . he's got her under the trance of the same techno-virus, and he's decided to sync up their brains and go into her head for a little rummaging around. Luckily Babs has had some practice at keeping her defenses strong, and she ends up turning the table on him when she shows him that if they're synced . . then that means that she can follow the path back into his brain also. This should be an interesting meeting of the minds. The issue ends with Batgirl skydiving into the Calculator's compound. Like I said, I really think that Bryan is doing a great job where. I also love Lee Garbett's art. He's great on these action type books. And Stanley Lau's covers still amaze me with every issue. I really like this book, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is at all interested in this character. It's a great read.

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  1. I really liked the earlier covers of this series, but the more current ones have a manga feel to them that turns me off. I love this book though!