Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WildCATS #24 - WildStorm

It's hard to call this team the WildCATS, per se. The same holds with the Authority, StormWatch and Gen 13. All the groups are a hodgepodge of characters, and the names, or titles, are really the only thing differentiating them. In this issue we find out the fate of a few things that these characters have brewing. First of all, Jackson and Voodoo are still out looking for the Earth's new Doctor. Which has led them, and their soldiers into some interesting situations. Such as Battalion and Ladytron who end up in Salem where they find a real witch. Unfortunately . . she's not the new Doctor. But she is more than willing to steal their life-force and use it as her own. That is until someone show up and blows her head off . . 'My name is Aeon. I have come to save your world.' Ok. Meanwhile Charise is still holding Majestros captive in his Mount Rushmore base. Well . . he's not really captive, so much as incapacitated participant. Since he was stabbed he's been unable to move or talk. Which Charise has used to her advantage as she's determined to have his baby. He's healing gradually. And in the meantime he's trying to figure out what's going on with Charise. It seems that someone is controlling her. Another group in Kenya are using Fuji's new mastery of his powers to rebuild the country. They've infused him with some of Eidolon's essence, and now he feels like he can do anything. The question is, is he, or anyone, going to be able to control it. And, they're being watched and hunted by a group that has already claimed sovereignty over this land. They aren't ready to confront them yet, but . . they will soon. And Midnighter has gone to check in on Savant. It seems that with Maul's help, breeding and growing Coda warrior's, she's attempting to rebuild her army . . one woman at a time. She's also recruited Petrified Girl and Cybernary to help her. Although, without her enhancements, she's just Katrina now. Anyways, Midnighter is disgusted by what Savant is doing to these women, and children. And by the end of the issue they decide that there's really only one way they can settle this . . a good old fashioned throw-down. I thought this was a decent book. It showed us most of the characters, and served to move most of the story-lines forward . . even if only a bit. But Midnighter was definitely the star of this book. This issue was written by Adam Beechen, and drawn by Tim Seeley. Some progress is good. But . . I wish we'd make more, or a little speedier.

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