Friday, June 18, 2010

X-Men Forever: Giant Size #1 - Marvel

I just want to put it out there that while I'm a huge fan of Mike Grell's art. I don't think that this series, or book, was the best use of his talents. The strength and aesthetic value of his art couldn't really be used on this type of book. While he's great with characters, he also does a tremendous job with backgrounds and environment. Both of which could barely be used in this issue. I think it was more of wanting a sell-able name on this Giant-Sized issue. It's a Giant-Sized X-Men issue. People are going to buy it regardless. Anyways, I just thought it was a cheap tactic. However, having said that . . I do like the cover . . also by Mike. And, since I've been a fan of this book since the beginning . . I liked the story. Chris Claremont wrapped up vol. 1, the first 24 issues . . plus Annual, and set the stage for chapter 2. The big news about this story is that the Shi'ar are coming to Earth to get Charles. When he last visited the Shi'ar empire, and Lilandra, he went through their archives hoping to find some information that would help him with the 'burnout' problem. Unfortunately, in the process . .'He left a minuscule breach in the cybernetic security wall that the War-Skrulls were later able to exploit . . with grievous cost to the empire.' Which as a result, not only did they suffer loss of life, but . . Charles ultimately committed a crime against the Empire. Even if it was accidental. And . . and the same time Charles was visiting, there was also a Skrull posing as him. So now they're questioning as to whether or not they liberated the right Charles. Hello! The Charles that's back on Earth could actually be a Skrull. It's not like it hasn't happened before. Of course when the Shi'ar show up there's a big fight. These guys can never seem to talk these things through. Until Charles gives himself up willingly. During the process of all this he was adamant that Jean stay hidden from the Imperial Guard. He was certain that should they see her, they'd assume that the Phoenix force had been resurrected and as a result would raze the milky-way to shut her down. I think he was being a bit paranoid, but . . they didn't really seem all that willing to talk when they first showed up. I guess it wouldn't be that much of a leap to assume that they'd misinterpret her also. So anyways, the story ends with the Shi'ar leaving with Charles, and the School and the students are left in Scott's hands. This is the story that Mike drew. In the second story, by Chris and Fernando Blanco, we see that the Consortium's influence in SHIELD goes a lot deeper than anyone ever suspected. Mrs Trask, the current leader of the Consortium, is talking to GW Bridge and has instructed him that it's time to eliminate both Nick Fury and the X-Men. And of course GW has put in a call to his best soldier . . Steve Rogers. So now the Avengers have been order to take out the X-Men for . . the murder of Tony Stark. And finally we get a reprint of Uncanny X-Men #108. By now you should all know how I feel about reprints, so . . I just won't say anything else about it. Overall it was a solid book. Like I said, it's basically served as a bridge from vol. 1 to vol. 2. I thought it was a very entertaining issue.

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