Wednesday, June 30, 2010

X-Factor #206 - Marvel

X-Factor finally comes back together this issue. Monet and Guido, who've been captured in South America, use Baron Mordo's power to get them back to the rest of their team. Of course Monet has to make a deal with him to allow him to siphon the power from her to cure himself permanently, once they've been returned. And Shatterstar and Layla ended up picking up Siryn . . er, sorry, Banshee at the airport in Dublin, since she was having such a hard time getting home. Shatterstar uses his powers and homes in on where Layla wants them to go. And they all end up in a warehouse by the waterfront that Jaime had set up as a safe-house . . just in case . . cases like this. Anyways, Trask and his group of soldiers homes in the warehouse and attacks. But Layla tells Monet how to beat them. 'Monet . . up there, Trask. Get into his head. He'll take it from there.' Which she does. She feels Bastion's presence, but she doesn't know what it is. However, her interference is enough to loosen up his control. When Trask realizes that he's finally free . . he calls off the attack, and shoots himself in the head. Crisis averted. For now at least. And it appears that our team has come back together and mended their fences. Even Theresa and Jaime. It was a good book, but I'm glad that this storyline is almost over. Well . . for X-Factor it is. There's just a few more issues for the X-Men. But now Peter David and Valentine De Landro can get back to the usual amount of chaos that seems to follow this team, naturally. Without all the drama from the X-Men.

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