Friday, June 18, 2010

X-Men Forever 2 #1 - Marvel

X-Men Forever is finally back. Wait! I thought . . the Annual and the Giant-Sized . . the schedule was . . now that I think about it, this book actually never went away. Issue #24 of the first chapter came out. And then 2 weeks later we got the Giant-Sized finale. Then, 2 weeks after that . . here we are again with issue #1 of chapter 2. It kind of felt like the book went away . . for a second, but . . it's actually right on schedule. As it has been for the past year. The thing I like about this book is that is feels a bit nostalgic. It takes us back to a different time in the X-Men's lives . . the 90's, in our times . . but Chris Claremont is throwing just enough twists and turns in here that we realize . . we're not in Kansas anymore. Er, I mean . . we're not in Westchester anymore. Well . . we are. Just not the same one. Well . . you know what I mean. Anyways, I like it when things are shaken up. When the norm is change. And the only constant is fluctuation and progression. We start out with the heat of battle this issue. The Avengers have come to the mansion to arrest the X-Men. The X-Men try to explain themselves, but . . the Avengers aren't really listening. However, the X-Men have a back-up plan in place. Before the Avengers show up, Kitty has put something together with Shi'ar tech and Lila Cheney's tesseract. When they can't seem to gain any advantage over the Avengers, Scott has Jean plan an image in the Avengers heads. Thor has just lashed out with his lightning, and now the Avengers see the result of that burst of energy . . the lifeless body of 'lil Ro. The Avengers don't realize that they're just seeing a mental image. But the consequences of their actions is enough to calm them all down. It also gives the X-Men the time they need to retreat back into the mansion and put their back-up plan into motion. To the Avengers it appears that the mansion has blown up, with all of the X-Men in it. But I'm guessing that they've just taken the building, and some of the grounds, away . . and place it in a tesseract. Hence, the devices that Kitty was putting together. It seems important to them that they convince the Avengers that they've been killed. Or maybe they're trying to convince the Consortium. But if things keep going the way they are now . . they might be better off tucked away in some pocket dimension, somewhere. I think Chris is doing a great job with the stories. He really seems to be back in his element. And Tom Grummett is back on the pencils. I still think everyone should give this book a shot. You won't be disappointed.

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