Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #10 - Dynamite Entertainment

We're getting near the end of this chapter of the Project Superpowers, but . . there's still a lot of stuff going on. We find out this issue that Zeus' fires, the ones that he gave to Prometheus, have been plotting against him ever since. So the guys working on the tomb for him . . Marvelo, Mr Face and the other guy with the propeller on his chest, whom I don't know his name . . are just part of the fire's master plans. This issue, it seems that everything has come together serendipitously. We have the one group of heroes that were fighting him, but now all appear dead. However, the Green Lama is sure that their mortality has been changed by the urn. Anyways, while they're lying around, Kid Dynamic, who has been masquerading as Kid Terror for all these months, is more that strong enough to take the abuse that Zeus is dishing out. Plus, he's saving up the charge . . like a battery, and redirects it into the fallen heroes to give them a jump-start. As this is going on, the Silver Scarab, with the rest of the Dynamic Family show up to take him on. All of this is enough of a distraction that when the other guys lower the tomb, Zeus is sucked in to it. However, I'm wondering if it's enough. After it sucks him in, it goes pummeling into the ground. But on the final page we see Zeus rise, the tomb having been fashioned into an armor of sorts that he seems to be wearing. So it looks like maybe their plan failed? I don't know, we'll have to wait until next issue to find out. Anyways, while this is going on, the people outside of the Pentagon have begun to meld together into a large human form. I believe that they are going to be part of the resurrection of the actual Claw. And the mystery behind the Death Defying 'Devil, and Bart Hill, just keeps getting more and more involved. But to me the best part of the book was the discussion between the Green Lama and the Black Terror over the semantics of what they're trying to accomplish. The Green Lama's argument is that, basically, their attack on the Supremacy may be focusing their powers against the wrong enemy. He thinks that while the Supremacy isn't necessarily looking out for the best interests of the world . . there's other villains and evil out there that, in the process, is slipping under their noses. I thought it was a great argument between 2 people that are trying to accomplish the same thing, but have focused their attention on different aspects. And, I think, they have a different view of what they think the 'real' problem is. I thought it was a great discussion, and very well argued. Anyways, overall I think that Alex Ross, and Jim Krueger are doing a fantastic job with this project. I think it's great that they're bringing back all of these characters from the 40's and 50's. And I like the way that they're handling their natural evolution. Edgar Salazar is also doing a great job with the art. Only 2 more books to go and then this chapter will be wrapped up. I can't wait to see what the future holds.

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