Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #4 - DC

As with the last title, this one also has a bit of a twist with it. Our little rag-tag group ending up in Russia at the end of last issue. They were following the OMAC's that attacked Jaime Reyes' family. They went through some kind of portal. When they landed they were in Russia, and almost immediately came face to face with the Rocket Reds. Well, this issue they find out that the Rocket Reds were actually in the process of fighting with one of their own . . a renegade, Gavril Ivanovich. 'He's a former captain of the Rocket Red Brigade, but resigned. He considers himself a true Communist, and thus is disgusted with the westernization of his country.' But honestly, none of that is really important. Our little group decides that they don't want to get involved . . mainly, to avoid an international incident. Which they seem so readily able to ignite. But when civilians and property start to get damaged in their scuffle, they decide that they can't just stand around and watch. So they help Gavril take out the Brigade. And Gavril is ecstatic because he thinks that the JLI has come to assist him in his endeavor. But they inform him that they are not a team. They're just a bunch of people that have come together to fight a common foe. 'How can you be saying to all this? Look to you . . around you here? Who is among? Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, Ice, the Blue Beetle . . and here . . I . . the Rocket Red! This is Justice League International. All ve need is Green Lantern to fall from sky and ve will complete!' Which is when Booster realizes . . he's right. 'Chasing signals cross country, teleporting across the world . . and we're here!! All of us!! Someone's put the band back together again!! And who's done that before?! Maxwell Lord!!' And then Michael really starts going on and on . . shouting to the skies . . 'We're here Max! What do you want from us?!You're here! You're watching, you're listening . . aren't you, Max? The amazing puppet master pulling all the strings! Forcing thought . . forcing actions! Dragging us back together for some master plan? Answer me! ANSWER ME!!' And then a voice comes out of one of the fallen Rocket Red suits. 'What would you like to know? But keep in mind . . I'm having a pretty bad day too.' In the beginning of the book we see Max visit a Dr Tatum Ranch. He's an uninvited guest as he's after the doctor's research on 'nanobyte genetic enhancement'. However, when he tries to control his mind, the guy turns in to a Black Lantern. By the time Max talks to Booster it looks like he's turned several more of the people working there. Probably in the process of trying to figure out what's going on. I thought this was a great issue in this series, and finally starts to give us a little bit of the picture of what Max is up to. So, I'm guessing, he manipulated this group into being at the JLI headquarters, just as he was amping up, so that they would be free to work from behind the scenes. Plus, he's ostracized them from anyone they were affiliated with, so everyone thinks they've either gone rogue, or . . gone off their nut. But some people are starting to notice. Batman is having a conversation with the Black King when Taleb tells him, 'Look, she may have been one of ours, but in truth . . she's one of yours. Our of respect, we will leave it to your 'community' to deal with her.' Which is when Batman notices something's off. 'That's strange. You're letting her go. You're passing the buck. It's odd behaviour for you. And Checkmate. And what's equally odd . . is that I feel like . . I should let her go too. Why is that?' I think Judd Winick is finally starting to give us a little insight here. Or at least some hints. Keith Giffen and Joe Bennett do the art. We're almost half-way done with this series now. Things should really start heating up.

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