Friday, June 18, 2010

Ultimate Spider-man #11 - Marvel

After what happened in Peter's school, Aunt May has asked that he, and the rest of his amazing friends, cool it on the 'super-hero' role playing for a little while. They don't like having their hands tied. They're probably kind of adrenaline junkies by now. But . . May just doesn't want the same thing to happen in their home as has happened in school. So Bobby gets a job at the food-court with Peter. It's hilarious. And MJ finally shows Peter and Gwen the footage that she took at the school, by accident, when this whole thing went down. They're not sure what to do with it, but . . Peter does know the perfect person to talk to . . Ben Urich. But while at the Bugle . . er, I'm sorry . . it's actually now . . anyways, Peter falls into another mess. When he sees JJ his spider-sense goes off. So he ends up following him to the basement. I'm not sure who this is, but . . it's somebody like the Chameleon, or Mysterio who can assume the look and identity of somebody else. Whomever it is, he was posing as JJ. Now that he's knocked Peter out, he decided to assume his identity. He's got some kind of electrical thing, or pulse that he uses to knock him out. And then he goes back up with MJ to sit in on her discussion with Ben about Kitty. I'm not really sure what this guy is up to. But, I still maintain that this is my favorite Spider-man book out there, right now. For the last 10 years or so I think Brian Bendis has done a terrific job with this title. He really captures Peter's character, as well as his friends and family. I actually caught myself laughing out load a couple of times during this issue. I loved it. And I think David Lafuente has done a great job of making this book his own. I don't always like his style, but . . for the overall book, I think he pulls it together quite nicely. I think his strongest point is his framing sequences and panel flow. The story moves along very nicely. Anyways, to be honest with you . . I'm thrilled with all of the Ultimate titles right now. I think they all have fantastic stories going. I don't know that it's necessarily because of the relaunch, but . . it feels like everybody involved is putting in a little extra effort right now. They're really putting some great stuff on the shelves.

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