Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Lantern #55 - DC

This is neither here nor there, but . . I just happened to pick up a copy of Omega Men #3 recently. That's the issue where our 'Main man', Lobo, first appeared. I already have it, but . . for 99 cents, I couldn't pass it up. Anyways, my point is . . I can't believe how much this character has changed in the almost 30 years since that issue came out . . 1983. I mean, at his core . . he's the same ornery bastich he's always been. But, his physical representation has changed so much. If you didn't know it was the same character, you'd never guess it. But . . it's all been for the good. And now that Lobo has escaped Hell, and is back to trying to prove that he's the 'Main man' again . . I think this guy is going to get a whole batch of new followers again. He's a great character, and I'm thrilled that he's working his way through the DC Universe once again. But god, he looked goofy back then. Please don't tell him I said that! But, that just proves my point about Doug Mahnke, once again. His artistic style . . the dark broodiness of it . . is perfect for these sinister characters. Such as Lobo, and previously with Black Adam. There's a 2 page spread in the front of this book featuring the Spectre, which is just haunting. But then that's immediately followed up by a 2 page spread of Lobo, riding his space-bike . . his loyal dog at the ready . . getting ready to attack Atrocitus. It would make a fantastic poster. Anyways, this issue is actually about Atrocitus. He's on Earth, apparently trying to find out who's hunting the entities. I found it odd that Hal wasn't aware that the entities were even on Earth. But, Atrocitus wants, or needs, the help of the other ring wielders . . Hal, Sinestro and Carol . . but for some reason he doesn't feel that he can ask for it. So . . he pays Lobo to attack him, and the rest of them come to his aid. 'For the time being . . (god help me) . . you attack one of us, you attack all of us. So what's it gonna be? A war . . or a day off?' They're heroes, and very powerful, but . . they're also very predictable. In the end, Atrocitus gets exactly what he wants. And Lobo ends up with a Red Ring. Probably as payment. He doesn't put it on, but . . 'Just a little safety net for a rainy day. Because you know what they say . . if ya can't beat 'em, join 'em.' And next issue we catch up with Larfleeze. I thought this was a great issue, but . . any issue with Lobo is going to be action packed. I'm glad Geoff Johns is still writing this. I think he's doing a great job. And remember that little cat that's a Red Lantern . . Dex-tarr? Well in the back-up this issue we find out how that situation came to be. I thought it was a neat little story by Geoff and Shawn Davis. This has been a really strong title for the last couple of years. I'm glad that it hasn't lost any of it's stamina.

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