Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Power Girl #13 - DC

First of all in this issue we get all the pieces put together about Karen's involvement in this whole Max Lord thing. We see her in Justice League: Generation Lost, and she recently had a run-in with Booster in Russia. So this issue shows us all of that, and how those events progressed . . from Karen's point of view. This is also the issue where Karen learns that she really juggling to many balls. She wants to have her 'super-hero' life, but . . she also wants the normal life that she can retreat in to. The problem is, her normal life is still pretty abnormal. She's got her own company, and she's attempting to run it . . solo. All of this while she's keeping up being on call from the Justice League, and pretty much the leader of the JSA All-Stars. In the midst of the juggling, she looses track of her Chief Financial Officer, Donna . . literally. Nobody has seen her in 3 days. And when they finally send someone over to her apartment . . they find out that she's moving. And to make matters worse . . Karen's bank accounts have been drained dry. But all of this happened while she was out on the chase for Max Lord, and . . that's when he did the mind wipe making everybody forget. Well, not only did Karen forget about Max, but . . she also forgot about all the pressing matters at home that were popping up shortly before she got called away. By the time she gets back . . she's pretty much lost everything. Or . . she will shortly. So now the question is . . where does she go from here? We have a new creative team taking over the book this issue . . Judd Winick and Sami Basri. And they made their presence known right from the get go. I know they probably want to redefine her, but . . do they have to tear her down so completely to do so? I actually feel sorry for her. This girl has lost so much in her life. I just don't know how much more she can take. And to make matters worse . . she's definitely not a person that deserves it. Hopefully the new team has some kind of light on the horizon.

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