Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Astonishing X-Men #34 - Marvel

This was a great issue. I think Warren Ellis is doing a fantastic job here. Last issue we found out that someone had hacked into Hank's computer, specifically to steal all of his theoretical ideas on how to jump-start the mutant race. Now . . now they're using those ideas to genetically manipulate the X-Men's dead foes by not only bringing them back to life, but also genetically splicing some serious hardware into them. They were attacked by one of Emma's former students, who turned out to be a Sentinel. And then this issue, while riding this spaceship back to it's base, are attacked by a very large version of Sauron. Luckily Emma figures out how to turn it off. Anyways, the ride the ship back to it's base . . somewhere in Northern Japan, and they think that they're stealthily entering. First of all . . obviously the antagonist knows that they're there. Secondly . . with all the genetic mutations hanging about, they figure 'This stuff wasn't built yesterday. We're looking at an armory that's taken decades to fill. This ain't just hate. This is an assassin's toolbox. This is someone who's been waiting for the right time, for a long time . . .' We see the person watching them, in the dark. It kind of looks like Charles. But I'm guessing that it's probably that chick that was Charles' genetic twin . . Cassandra Nova. But my real question is . . how has she, or whomever, been working on this stuff for so long when Hank has only started gathering this information in the last year or two? Is there time-travel involved here, or something? I guess we'll have to wait until next issue to find out . . when this story is also to be wrapped up. To me the best part of this issue is the philosophical debate between Hank and Scott. Well . . it's actually more like a lecture. Hank is telling Scott what he thinks of his recent actions and how he's leading the X-Men. He's been keeping it in for a while, so . . there's an awful lot that comes out. And . . it's deserved. As usual Phil Jimenez does a fantastic job with the art. I was worried about this book after Joss Whedon's run, but . . it's stayed just as strong and exciting as always. It's been a great book, in the hands of some fantastic creators. This title has continued to be everything you ever wanted in and X-men title . . and more.

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