Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Legion of Super-heroes #2 - DC

Well, with the Legion back in action, it appears that Paul Levitz will be focusing on the current xenophobic nature of the citizens of Earth. All of that started in the Earth-man story. Now it's carrying over here. Plus, Earthgov has demanded that the Legion accept Earth-man into their ranks. Which . . isn't really sitting well with anyone. Including Earth-man. But right now the Legion has other things to worry about. Last issue Titan, the planet that Saturn-girl is from, blew up. Luckily they were able to save most of it's citizens, but . . now there's a hundred thousand refugees . . obviously from off-planet, needing a place of refuge. Of course the Legion offers up Earth, but . . that's probably not the smartest move right now. They're looking for someplace more permanent for them, but . . there's not a lot of other races out there that are willing to accept the inclusion of these very adept mind-readers into their general population. Brainy may have to get a little creative to solve this problem. Which brings up yet another issue. Brainy, as well as a few other Legionnaires are amidst the destruction of Titan. They're trying to make sure that the space-lanes are clear. And that none of Titan's pieces cause any problems with any other planets. However, as they're doing this, Saturn Queen returns because she wants to see what's happened with her home planet. She takes over Brainy's mind, and from there . . Ultra-boy. I guess she's decided that she wants a plaything with which to strike back at the Legion. However, her interference couldn't have come at a worse time. She sends Ultra-boy to attack Legion headquarters, but . . the Legion is already wrapped up with the refugees, and trying to deal with this xenophobe behaviour. Meanwhile, Garth is on Winath trying to look into Mekt claims. He's always thought that he was an aberration . . someone born on Winath without a twin. But now he claims that he was actually taken away from his twin, and that his 'other-self' is out there . . somewhere. But Garth is interrupted by Ayla when she comes to tell him that his 2 sons have disappeared. They know that Irma got into a time bubble, so . . they assume that she's gone after them. But regardless, Garth can't continue on this fool's quest with his sons in danger out there. We also see that Irma went back to the exact time that the boys were taken. She's trying to get an image from their minds of what they see as they're crossing over. She's hoping that will give her some kind of clue as to where they went. Also, Dream Girl, Dawnstar and Gates are on their own mission to bring Earthgov's reassurances to the outer worlds. But Gates definitely doesn't believe in the validity of their mission. And finally, amidst all of this, Earthman has another secret he's been keeping from the Legion. In the last issue he received a Green Lantern rings. This issue, behind their backs, he's been trying to learn how to use it. He also uses it to override the booby-trapped flight ring that Brainy had given him. So, essentially . . he's more of a loose cannon now than he was before. I think Paul is doing a great job with this book. He's got a whole lot of story-lines going, with a tremendous amount of character involvement. Not every writer out there can pull that off. But Paul's doing it in spades. I'm also enjoying Yildiray Cinar's art. He's one of those guys that just seems to improve with every issue. Francis Portela is also helping him out. I'm thrilled that this book is back. As well as the cross-over stories that will be occurring with Adventure Comics. It's a great time to be a Legion fan.

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