Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ultimate X #3 - Marvel

In the first issue we discovered that Jimmy Hudson was Logan's son. He never met his father, but the man who raised him knew him, and spoke very highly of him. Anyways, in the second issue we find out that Jean Grey is still alive. She's living in Chicago, and is living under the assumed identity of Karen Grant. She died her hair black so, she doesn't look anything like her. This issue Jimmy and Karen discover another mutant. He's the one pictured on the cover here, Derek Morgan. He has powers kind of like Warren's. Except that he can retract his wings. It causes him a great amount of pain, but . . he can do it. Anyways, most of this issue is about his life. His father died, and he dropped out of school. So he's come to live with his brother . . Police Officer, Joe Morgan and his wife Lynn. Which isn't easy on any of them. Especially since Derek's trying to keep his powers a secret. Ever since Ultimatum there's been a hunt for mutants. Even in this case, where Derek is actually trying to keep the streets of his neighborhood clean, the cops have decided to shoot on sight. They don't want any stories making it to the paper that might actually make this guy out to be a hero. Anyways, it's getting harder and harder to hide. One night he stops a mugging, but his brother's partner, Officer Juarez, decides to have a look on the nearby rooftops, and comes face to face with Derek. Luckily it's raining, so she doesn't get a good look at him. But he's tired of lying to his brother so one night . . he snatches him up and takes him up into the night sky to talk to him. His brother feels for him, but . . he wants to do what's right. So he wants to arrest him. They struggle, there's a shot fired, and they both end up falling in the river. Joe's partner pulls him out, but Jean and Jimmy are close by to lend Derek a hand. They get him out of the water without anybody seeing him. Once they patch him up, they give him a choice. They can either wipe his brother's memory of him, or . . his memory of them. He decides he's tired of hiding so he asks them to fix his brother. Jean doesn't do anything to harsh. She leads him to believe that he's taken a job in Cincinnati, and to forget about their encounter. In the end everything works out the best for all of them. Except for this newly formed band of X-Men that still have to live as outlaws. At least their numbers are growing. Hopefully they'll pick up Kitty, since she seems to be into so much trouble over in Ultimate Spider-man. I think Jeph Loeb is doing a great job with this series. And I love Art Adam's art. This issue looked especially good. I also think this series is a great improvement over the previous Ultimate X-Men series. I liked it, but . . I don't think they went far enough away from the original. That's what this whole Ultimate Universe is all about . . artistic license. Use it or lose it, baby!

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