Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wolverine #87 - Marvel

This was really just a story about a day in the life of Daken. Yes he's lamenting about Wolverine beating him at the game to acquire Romulus' kingdom, but . . I think he already know that Logan had him beat right from the very beginning. Plus . . Romulus wanted Logan to be the heir. Daken was really nothing more than a distraction. Something to make Logan work for it a little bit harder. To make his goal for the prize seem like it was more of his own decision. But we know otherwise. Anyways, this issue gives us a tale about Daken wandering the streets of Rome. And in a city such as this, he's targeted by the hunters . . both seen and unseen. First he's approached by a pick-pocket. One that Daken quickly dissuades from trying her craft. But he also gives her a little lecture on being the hunter and being the prey. By the end . . she wants to stay with him. But he doesn't have time for the pettiness of street urchins. He's then approached by a more accomplished hunter. Someone who's looking to drag him in with a little flirting and shyness. Of course Daken sniffs them both out . . and dismisses them both out of frustration. It was an interesting tale. A little boring, but . . interesting. Unfortunately I think it was just filling space before the Frankencastle cross-over in the next 2 issues. Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu wrote the story, with some nice looking art from Meirco Peirfederici. I assume this was some of his first work, but . . it was pretty nice looking.

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