Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Red Hood: Lost Days #2 - DC

I like this book. I'm glad that we're finally getting the background story as to how and why Jason came back from the dead. But so far we've gotten the why, more than the how. Basically, Talia resurrected him using a Lazarus pit. Much to Ra's chagrin. After the using the pits for so many years, Ra's feels that there's repercussions, or side-effects, from it's use that Talia would not have anticipated . . or prepared for. He tries to warn her repeatedly, but . . she won't, or doesn't want to listen. Anyways, this issue we watch his adventure coming from Europe back to Gotham. And we see some of his motivating feelings and emotions. But I think the important part of this particular story is in Talia's realization near the end. Jason plots an elaborate scheme against Bruce, taking hours and days to set it up. But then when it comes time to hit the trigger . .'I just couldn't let him get off that easy. He'd never know what happened. He'd never know why. He's never know it was me.' Which is when Talia starts to question her own involvement. 'It wasn't simply that he tried to murder him . . he plotted it. Cold. Calculated. Days of planning. So much time to dwell . . so much time to reconsider. It wasn't an act of rage . . it was revenge. He doesn't even seem interested in finding out how he's returned. He's aware that he was murdered . . has come back from the grave and he's not even curious . . it's . .a bit sociopathic. My father was right. I've unleashed a curse upon this world.' I think Judd Winick is doing a great job of showing us not just the events, but also the motivations and characteristics that make up Jason's character. So far . . I love the ride. And Pablo Raimondi's art fits the look and feel of the book perfectly. And we're only on issue #2. We still have 4 issues to go. I have to say, going in to this, I was afraid that this was just going to be a rehashing of what we already knew. I'm glad say that it's definitely original and exciting.

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