Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birds of Prey #3 - DC

Well . . we get a little further in our story this issue. We find out that Savant and Creote aren't really dead. They seem to be the ones behind all the information that's being threatened to be turned over to the news media. You know, all the files that basically dump any and all information on a whole host of heroes? Somehow they're tied in with this White Canary, but . . we don't really know how yet. Also, as far as the White Canary goes . . we don't know who she is either . . yet. However, we do know that she's not Cassandra or Shiva. As she's fighting her, near the end of the book, Black Canary seems to have a revelation about who she is, but . . she's not telling. I'm guessing, but . . I think it's Sin. Something has been done to her . . experiments . . surgery, I'm not sure what . . but that's my guess. There's also that whole murder charge that's hanging over Diana's head. Remember at the end of the last issue when the White Canary attacked Oswald? Well they're back at his lounge in the beginning of this issue, and he's having a fever dream about his guardian angels. It's hilarious. Dove asks, 'Is Mr Cobblepot all right?', to which Diana replies, 'Well, he was never 'all right', but . . I'd say he's happier in his dreams than his reality right now. Let him dream. Unless he starts fondling the furniture.' Anyways, Gail Simone writes a brilliant book. It's seems that the focus of this first story-arc is to show us that the team can't operate as it has before. Oracle is going to have to amp up her security, and her paranoia. It's a different world now . . from the one they previously operated in. Hell, they might even have Penguin as a team-member. Who knows how that situation is going to turn out? And I'm really enjoying Ed Benes art. My only concern is . . how long will he be on this series? The next story-arc, which begins with issue #5, they have Alvin Lee listed as the artist. I don't know his stuff, so I can't complain. But . . I will miss Ed. And the cover is by Cliff Chiang. I really like these characters, and I'm glad the series is back. No matter who does the art.

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