Sunday, July 18, 2010

Green Hornet - Year One #4 - Dynamite Entertainment

I wasn't really thrilled with this issue. Right now, Britt and Kato are traveling from Japan to Chicago. We see the current politics and underworld in Chicago, and watch Britt and Kato discover things about each other as they traverse their great distance. I mean . . it's ok . . we're learning things about both of these characters. We see them interact with each other shortly before they take on their crusade. And then we watch them begin their adventure in the wild-west of Chicago, circa 1938. But other than that . . it was all rather boring. I know Matt Wagner is trying to build on this story . . progressing it slowly through this duo's formative years, but . . I actually fell asleep during this one. Saturday afternoon, sitting in my favorite chair, and as I'm reading this book . . as I get closer and closer to the end . . I'm finding it harder and harder to keep my eyes open. Of course, it probably didn't help that the cat was curled up at my feet on the ottoman. But . . I really did fall asleep reading it. I do, however, find it interesting. It just feels like it might be moving along a little to slowly right now. And I'm not thrilled with Aaron Campbell's art. It's ok. It just seems a little to 'old' for me. But . . that might be what he's going for. I'll probably give it at least a couple more issues, but . . I don't honestly know how much longer I can hold out on this one. It just doesn't seem worth the investment to me. Sorry!

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