Sunday, July 18, 2010

X-Men: Hellbound #3 - Marvel

This one pretty much ends the way we expect it to, but . . it was still a pretty cool ride along the way. I thought Chris Yost did a good job with the story. And Harvey Tolibao's pencils this issue . . the some help from Tom Raney . . were simply fantastic. The story was pretty cool, but . . the art was amazing. There are some really cool pictures in this issue. I especially liked Harvey's interpretation of Illyana and Megan. They're really two sides of the same coin . . who share an intimate connection, since Illyana has a piece of her soul. But despite the prodding that N'Astirh has been pushing on to Megan, she still fights for Illyana. 'She's an X-man. That's what we do!' We also see that Remy has given in to his Death persona . . as appropriated to him via Apocalypse . . or, it's come to the forefront because of the influence of this realm. Regardless, during the course of this story he's decided that he wants to be the ruler of Limbo. It was a pretty cool gambit . . pun intended . . that resulting in Sam stepping up and showing us that he's still one of the strongest X-Men there is. We've gotten used to him being his 'aw-shucks', hayseed self lately. But we're reminded that he was actually trained by Nathan . . to be a soldier. Anyways, in the end, the team rescues Illyana with minimal casualties. She's once again the ruler of Limbo, but I think she's a little more tolerant of the X-Men now. I think the piece of Megan's soul that she possesses may actually be helping her. She's never been 'social', but . . I think she's found some friends in these young X-Men that keep stepping up to the plate for her. I thought it was a good issue and a great series. I'm interested to see what the aftereffects on these characters will be though. Especially Remy. And hopefully Illyana will have a more prominent role in the New Mutants title.

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