Sunday, July 18, 2010

R.E.B.E.L.S. #18 - DC

After the events in Adventure Comics . . this issue Vril Dox takes his father, Brainiac, home to Colu. He's not his actual biological father. Not in the sense that we think of it. Vril is actually Brainiac's clone. Anyways, in Adventure, with the help of the Legion, Brianiac was subdued, and it's Vril's pleasure to return him to Colu and a thought-cell. However, at the same time . . as we saw at the end of the last issue, Lyrl, Vril's actual son, has created Pulsar Stargrave and is planning on using him to destroy Colu. When word of what is going on hits the masses, Lyrl is quick to step up and take credit. But at the same time Vril is with Brainiac talking to him, and when Brainiac finds out what's going on, he's deeply distressed . . pissed even. He busts out of his cell and says, 'No! No more Brainiacs. I share nothing. Not my knowledge . . and certainly not my name.' So it looks like Lyrl is going to have to come face to face with his father if he wants to take control of this planet. I'm betting that wasn't a confrontation that he was anticipating. Meanwhile, with the REBELS, we learn a little bit about Captain Comet's history. And we see that there seems to be a budding romance between him and Starfire. That wasn't something that I expected, but . . I can see where it's coming from. The only thing we don't really deal with this issue in New Rann. Or new Tamaran. Whatever it's being called right now. The only real reference this issue is when Vril announces that Komand'r and her people have settled the southern continent. Tony Bedard writes this story, with Claude St Aubin doing the art. As usual . . they both do a great job. I think this is a good book. And this issue, the first chapter of the Sons of Brainiac storyline, would be a good point to jump in for people that don't normally follow it. I'm just sayin'. This book has a lot going on.

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