Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wolverine #88 - Marvel

Again . . unfortunately, I didn't really like this book. First of all . . I think this whole Franken-Castle thing is a bit insane. I mean . . I can understand why Daken killed Frank . . I guess. But to think that someone went to the trouble of putting him back together? That part kind of stumps me. Anyways, for whatever reason . . they did. And now he's carrying on his mission looking like a reject from a Bela Lugosi movie. Or maybe a Terminator movie. And now, for some reason, he thinks he can hunt down and take on Daken. The guy who killed him and chopped him up. I don't see it happening. Daken and Frank duke it out for most of the issue, until their fight puts them in the way of a mother and child. Then we see a little bit of the old Frank shining through for a second. That's when he uses the distraction to disappear into the subway tunnels and lose Daken. Although I'm sure if he tried Daken could find him . . from his scent alone. The other problem I have with this one is that, obviously, I don't follow any of the Punisher books, so . . I won't be picking up parts 2 and 4 of this story-line. And . . I don't really care. But I do want to get the last few issues of this series. Anyways, this story is by Daniel Way and Marjorie Liu, with art by Stephen Segovia and Paco Diaz. The did look pretty good. I just didn't get into the story all that much. Oh yeah, and the beautiful cover is by Simone Bianchi.

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