Saturday, July 31, 2010

Haunt #8 - Image

It's funny . . the Spawn schedule has been behind for quite a while now. And when this book first started out, it hit it's schedule pretty consistently. But now that Spawn is trying to get back on track . . this one is starting to fall behind. I don't suppose we could get both on track? I think, and this is just my opinion . . I think Todd should consign himself to the fact that both these titles will be coming out bi-monthly. Just go back and forth. One month Spawn . . one month Haunt. And so forth, and so forth. At least then we'll be getting some consistent stories from both books. But really, my frustration doesn't come from the schedule, but from the fact that I like these book very much, and I look forward to seeing them . . seeing new stuff. It gets frustrating when you have to wait so long in between. Anyways . . it was worth the wait. Daniel goes into training this issue, and out of it becomes an active agent. Meanwhile, Kurt's wife, Amanda, seems to be trying to live a normal life, and not count on, or even use, all the money that Mirage and Kurt left her. We find Mirage relaxing on a beach somewhere. An operative named Whisper finds her and fills her, and us, in on what's been happening back at the agency. And we get to see Haunt in action, as Daniel decides that they need to push things to the edge so that they know where the limit of their powers lie. Of course in ends in Daniel almost dying, but . . they do find the outer edge. Now that Cobra is out of bed, he wants to take a leave of absence from Hurg's organization to get revenge. But Hurg considers him his property. 'You get your revenge when I say you do. You belong to me.' He's not letting him go anywhere. And the agency has gone after what they thought was someone trying to put Shillinger's notes into implementation. They've sent in a squad, but right now there's only one left to report. Left with no other options, it looks like Director Tosh is going to have to send Daniel out into the field . . his first assignment. I really enjoy Robert Kirkman's stories here. And now that Greg Capullo has taken over on the pencils, the look of the book is much more consistent. I think this book definitely has a bright future, and seems to be on the right track. I just hope they can keep it there.

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