Sunday, July 18, 2010

Batman Confidential #46 - DC

I was pretty hard on the beginning of this story. I really didn't care for the way it started out. However, with this issue . . things have got a little more interesting. Of course they had to bring in Superman, Dr Fate and hints of the Swamp Thing to pique my interests. I'm just kidding. This issue actually did flow a little better than the last one. Superman, and Batman have been following this Combs character, which is what brought them to New Orleans. While there, Batman came into contact with Dimeter, a vampire, and his girlfriend Liv. They've interacted with Batman before. Dimeter also has an agent of his own here, Janko, a werewolf. Anyways, they're all going after Combs, but he sends an army of zombies to stop him. They aren't actually zombies. He controls the dead, so . . they're more like his puppets. It turns out that he's just trying to stall the whole bunch of them while he makes his escape to Corto Maltese. Supposedly there's a magician there that will help Comb's complete his training. However, first . . he has to bring him back to life. Which is why I think he's taken Liv captive. She's probably going to be some type of sacrifice or something. I thought Kevin Van Hook did a pretty good job with the story this issue. Although he did drag it out for a bit. Dimeter ends up taking care of the horde of corpses, by using some voodoo magic. He could've done it all along, but . . he says he didn't know if it was going to work. Also, I'm not a huge fan of Tom Mandrake's work, but . . this is definitely the type of story that fits his style. So overall . . I thought it was ok. Not great . . just ok.

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