Saturday, July 31, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #50 - DC

This issue goes a long way to fill us in on what brought Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman, to this position. As far as the Green Lanterns knew, Hank was destroyed during the Sinestro wars. Well it appears that the Manhunters had a design for him, so . . they reanimated him . . as their Grandmaster. Well, all Hank wanted was sweet oblivion, so since he was mad about them cheating him out of this, he shut them off. He then found himself wandering the galaxy until he happened back upon Earth. This was right at the end of Blackest Night. When he saw Nekron, he saw his chance to escape his agony. But . . since he didn't have an actual heart, he was invisible to the Black Lanterns, and obviously Nekron. He left before it was all over, and was convinced that this would be the end of all life. But he didn't want to be alone . . again. So he was going to reactivate his Manhunters. But when he returned he found another there. I think it was Scar. I might be wrong, but . . that's who it looks like. Basically he told Hank that if he were to take control of the Alpha-Lanterns, and create more . . it would draw the attention of the Guardians. And the Guardians were . .'one group of heartless beings that death did acknowledge'. So that's what this is all about. And he went to Grenda, obviously, because it's a planet full of mechanical life-forms. Beings he could easily control. However, now they're all in hiding. And Hank is trying to draw Ganthet's power out of him. While Kyle, John and Soranik have found where all the Grendan's are hiding. Again, I have a couple of questions here. First, how can Hank possibly think that he can overpower a Guardian. Even if he does siphon off his power, Ganthet has been at this a lot longer than Hank. I'm sure he knows how to control his power and ebb it's flow. Secondly, when all of this is done and over . . obviously Hank's not going to be triumphant in all this . . what's going to happen to all these Alpha-Lanterns? They started out as a special squad created by the Guardians. But now? Now they're probably a Corps unto themselves. I have a feeling that when this is all over it's going to change the face of the Corps. Which is fine. I like it when things change. It's the nature of life. It's really the only constant. Except in comics. But . . that seems to be changing a bit. Only the future will tell. Anyways, this book is brought to us by Tony Bedard, with Adrian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes on the art. All of whom did a terrific job. The beautiful covers are by Syaf and Cifuentes on one, with Patrick Gleason and John Dell doing the variant. This is a great book and I'm thrilled that it's lasted as long as it has. I just hope it keeps going.

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