Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hellblazer #269 - DC

We don't get a whole lot of answers this issue, but . . we do get to see a whole lot of interaction between Constantine and Shade. It all starts out with a kiss. But I don't think it's meant to be romantic. I think Shade kisses John so that he can taste what it is that's inside of him . . the magic that appears to be making him go crazy. And I know that doesn't make it sound any better, but . . I guess it's just the way Shade's magic works. Anyways, from what we see this issue . . I think it all comes down to love and loss. I think John is being attacked because there's someone else that's in love with Epiphany. Specifically, I think it's Carew. I think . . and this is just my opinion . . I think that Carew is attacking John, not necessarily because of the way John feels about Epiphany, but because of the way Epiphany feels about John. I think he's trying to diminish John in her eyes. I think that's why his first act . . the part that's really got him upset, and apparently when he blacked out, is when he attacked Epiphany. He really doesn't remember it, but . . he seems to remember the emotions, and after-effects. And I think that all this other stuff that's happening to him is to stop him from putting all the pieces together. But, like I said, that's just my take on the story. The other reason I'm thinking this is because after John and Shade kiss, there seems to be a tension between them, for this entire issue, because of a girl that John kissed in thier past that Shade fancied. I think that was an issue far enough in the past that it wouldn't even be recognized if it weren't for all the emotions bubbling just below the surface . . the emotions that Carew's spell seems to be bringing out. I think Shade got a taste of that and doesn't realize how it's actually affecting him. Anyways, the issue ends with John and Shade finally making it to Epiphany's apartment, and finding out that it may already be to late. Peter Milligan writes a great story, and seems especially adept with this character. There's a lot of emotions written in to this one. I can't wait to see how it all sorts itself out. Once again, Giuseppe Camuncoli did a good job with the art. And we get another beautiful cover by Simon Bisley.

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