Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom #2 - ABC Comics

This issue we find out just how bad Albrecht's occupation of the world was, and continues to be. He fills his father, Tom, in on the whole thing. However, I think Peter Hogan gave away a little bit to much in his narration. Basically, we find out that Pneuman had remained loyal to Tom all of this time, even thought Albrecht tried to reprogram him. He gives him a time harness that Parallax had made, and he had hidden for 70 years from Albrecht. Tom uses it to go back to 1939. From there he wants to try to stop Albrecht before he can even get started. So, he's got a few things to do. First of all he has to figure out what to do about the Dero. The first time he discovered these robots, about 10 years for where he's landed, he didn't know what to do about them and basically caved in the mountain that they were under so that they couldn't get out. That's where Albrecht found them, released them, and set them loose upon the world. All they wanted was a country to call their own . . free of humans. After Albrecht had taken over, he gave them Africa. But, we find out that they've been terraforming Mars also. So I'm thinking, with Tom's intelligence, and knowledge of future technology, I think he's going to try to get the Dero to go to Mars even earlier than they had with Albrecht, basically giving them the whole planet. Of course we won't know for a few more issues, as this is a 6 issue series, but . . I don't know what other choice he's going to have. He has to try to do something with them before Albrecht finds them. Anyways, I'm just glad to see some books back on the market from ABC. And it's nice to see Tom Strong back on the shelves. As I said, Peter is writing the story, with Chris Sprouse doing the art.

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