Sunday, July 25, 2010

Azrael #10 - DC

I love Fabian Nicieza's work, but . . I'm equally as thrilled to see that David Hine is writing this next story-arc. I'm not sure if he'll be taking over the creative reigns of this book, but . . he'll at least be here for this part of it. Also Guillem March is doing the pencils. Anyways, we start out this chapter by finding out that the Order of Purity is under attack again. Michael thinks that it might still be La Saligia, but Father Day know that the person responsible is a guy who seems very similar to Michael Lane's Azrael. But he's called the Crusader. It appears that Father Day, as well as 4 other people in the Order, are privy to a secret. The Crusader goes after Jean-Claude Dupuy first. But he obviously doesn't give up the secret because he then goes after Carolyne Vega. And then he goes to see Reverend Morrisey. He's traversing the globe in this endeavor . . first Paris, then California, then London. Besides Father Day, the last of the five is in Somalia . . his name is Khalid. Anyways, the secret is a name. I'm not sure what the relevance, or importance is, but . . the Crusader seems intent on moving Heaven and Earth to get it. And apparently it's important enough the these five are willing to die to protect it. But . . it's only the first chapter. So this issue is really just stacking up the players and the settings. From this issue, this looks to be a very interesting story. And hopefully we'll get the story behind this Crusader fella also. I've liked this book so far. And with David doing the scripts . . we could get a whole different feel for this character. I'm excited to see what's going to happen. By the way, once again . . the beautiful cover is by Francesco Mattina. This might be a book to keep an eye on. I'll let you know.

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