Saturday, July 31, 2010

WildCATS #25 - WildStorm

The WildCATS, or . . I guess I should say . . the team as it exists right now, has a lot of stuff going on. On many different fronts. The Midnighter is in Zanzibar trying to stop Zealot from creating a new Coda army. Actually, he's not so much against that as he is the way she's doing it. She doing it with 'birthing camps'. She inseminates volunteers, then speeds up their pregnancies . . and also the growth of their babies, creating her army at an alarming speed. But also at the cost of many innocent women's lives. The pretty evenly matched so . . their fight is pretty much a stalemate. At which time Maul gets involved. In order not to be killed he has to shrink down to microscopic size. So right now . . his fate is in question. Meanwhile, in Salem Massachusetts, Jackson and Maxine have come into contact with another entity . . Aeon. Basically, he's like a watcher of worlds. But the reason for his involvement here is that he's noticed how much the mystical energies of Earth have gotten out of whack. Which is why Maxine and Jackson are out looking for the new Doctor . . the Earth Shaman. They take care of a problem in Salem and then head off to Egypt. But right now . . nobody really trusts this guy. Or, I guess I should say, as powerful as he is . . nobody trust his motivations, or goals. Everything they're getting from him is just to vague right now. The WildCATS also have an incident at a power-plant they're trying to bring back on line in Zambia. And Grunge has figured out the door technology. So now he can effectively spy on John Lynch and Team-7. But the human factor in this book came in when Midnighter and Zealot were fighting. Near the end, out of frustration, she throws Jenny in his face. One one hand it pissed him off enough that he fought Zealot to a stand-still. But it also brings up feelings and emotions that he's been trying to surpress. When he returns to SkyWatch, he's sullen and sad. Even for him. I thought it was a decent book by Adam Beechen and Tim Seeley. But again, I think they're just reacting to the problems. It doesn't really seem like there's a plan to get past all of this . . other than holing up the breaks in the dam. After all these months we still don't have much in the way of progress . . a plan for putting the Earth back together. That's what I'm waiting for.

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