Sunday, July 18, 2010

the New Avengers #1 - Marvel

As with a lot of my stories, this one starts out with . . 'one day while I was on E-Bay'. Anyways, after following all of these Avengers books for the last couple of years, I decided that I wanted to take a break, with this new launch, and only pick up Avengers and Secret Avengers. One because I really do like the Avengers, and two because I love Mike Deodato's work. Well, as with the best laid plans . . while purchasing books, I found this issue in the guys list for $3. Well, I knew it was a $25 variant, so . . I thought I'd bid and see what happened. As it turned out . . nobody else bid on the book. So, for $3, I couldn't complain. Right? But . . in the end . . it really paid off. I absolutely loved this book. So much so, that I've already found and purchased the variants for issues #2 and #3. Unfortunately in buying #2, I also got a copy of Avengers Academy #1. So . . after reading that, I'll have to see what I decided from there. But anyways . . back to this issue. I thought it was great. It's basically the same team from the New Avengers book, with the addition of Ben Grimm. And with Luke's feelings towards Norman and Tony, he doesn't want to just follow the orders and vision of a new tyrant. Even if it is Steve. So, for a $1, Tony sells him Avengers mansion. 'You want to be Avengers? You want it on your own terms? Go. Go save the world.' The only down side is . . they also get Victoria Hand. 'Luke, I need a favor. I need someone to keep track of you guys. Not to interfere or tell you what to do. Just someone to help facilitate your work there. Someone to help you help the world. I know it's not what we discussed but it is something I think will benefit us all in the long run. This is a woman who deserves a second chance. I thought you of all people would appreciate that.' But Luke doesn't make the decisions for everyone, and everyone else doesn't trust her. It isn't until he and Logan go and talk to her that they make the final decision. Luke asks her, 'Why do you want to come work with us? Really?' To which she replies, 'Because now more than ever, I think you need someone to tell you when you're right and when you're wrong. I think you need a perspective other than your own. Everyone does. Imagine where Nick and Tony would be if they had gotten off their ego and did the same. And frankly, Steve obviously thinks so to or he wouldn't have made you and me go through all of this.' I thought it was a great exchange, and a good point for this team to build from. But, we also have another story developing. Steven Strange goes to visit Daimon Hellstrom, only to find out that he's been possessed. Which Steven apparently then becomes also. In turn they go to see Doctor Voodoo because they want, or need, the Eye of Agamotto. Voodoo sees through their ruse rather quickly, and the fight. However, at the end of this issue, the Eye shows up in Luke's hands. And Strange and Daimon, or whomever they are, are not very far behind. It looks like this group is going to be thrown into battle quicker than they thought. I thought Brian Bendis did a great job with both the story and the character development. And of course Stuart Immonen's art looked fantastic. I kind of wish I hadn't bought this book because now I want to see what happens. Ah well . . I'll go with it for now. It'd be different if I didn't like this issue so much. But I did. Go figure.

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