Sunday, July 18, 2010

Doc Savage #4 - DC

I like the idea of this book. I like the character. But . . I have to say . . I'm just not overly thrilled with the actual series. I'm not sure why. But I'm guessing that since this character has such a long rich history, Paul Malmont is not doing all that much in terms of character development so far in this series. The story is interesting. But I haven't been a big follower of this character so I don't really know much about his supporting cast. Anyways, with this Lord of the Lightning storyline, it appears that someone is using some of Doc's own technology to terrorize Manhattan. Apparently with the war recently over, there's people of power and influence that don't like the idea of these 'larger than life' men running around helping the people solve their problems. I think that they feel that if the people are going to look up to and admire anybody, it should be poeple of their wealth and influence. Plus, I'm willing to bet, they don't like Doc discovering all of this new technology and then turning it over to the public domain rather than trying to make some money off of it. I guessing that it probably pisses them off. So . . this whole Lightning thing was set up to discredit Doc's name. And in the process the used the Doc's properties and assets as targets so they could tear him down financially as well. Well, Doc, and his merry band, beat the guys this issue, but . . the damage has been done. At the end of this issue he decides that they need to go underground. They need time to ferret out the people that were behind this orchestrated attack. And they need to rebuild their trust with the public. Which is a very different position than Clark has been in in quite a while. Like I said, it's an interesting story. I'm just having a hard time really getting in to it. I enjoy Howard Porter's take on the character. I just don't really feel like I know him all that much. And so far the stories haven't really helped me much in that regard. In the back we have a Justice Inc story by Jason Starr and Scott Hampton. I want to like this book. I'm just not really getting in to it. Sorry.

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