Saturday, July 31, 2010

Batman - the Widening Gyre #6 - DC

It's been 4 months since the last issue of this title came out. And . . almost a year since this 6-issue series first started. And the worst part of all this? Well . . I can't tell you that part until the end. And don't jump ahead. Do you do that with your books? Yeah? Well . . sometimes I do to. I can't help it. Anyways, this was another great issue by Kevin Smith and Walter Flanagan. Although I think with Art Thibert doing the inks, it appears that Water's style has changed a bit. To me, this issue seemed a bit more 'artsy' than some of the other issues. But, it's been 4 months. Maybe that's just my memory playing with me. And as always, a beautiful cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. He had some help from Gene Ha this time. As I'm reading this issue, I almost expected, at some time, to find out that this was either all a dream or an elseworld's story. Bruce proposes to Silver this issue. In fact he pretty much shows her every secret he's ever held in his life. She already knows about the Batman part so he shows her Superman's fortress, and the JLA satellite. Which is where he pops the question. It was interesting, shortly after that, when Selena decides to use Deadshot to draw out Batman. She wants to tell him how he's making a mistake, but he hasn't been returning her calls. Anyways, with the flood gates opening he decides to trust in his new partner Baphomet a bit more also. He opens up to him about one of his first adventures . . without revealing to much. They begin teaming up a bit more. And one night . . he takes decides to take him to the Bat-cave. Batman already knows pretty much everything about Baphomet, so he decides to reciprocate. He not only shows him his identity, but then also that of his girlfriend, Silver St Cloud. Do you remember a short time ago when Batman was fighting that guy . . I can't remember his name . . but he almost killed the Joker? He wore a black mask with a white circle on it. I really can't remember his name. But at the end of their battle he had to choose between saving the Joker or going after the bad-guy. Well, when Batman turns around to take off his utility belt he hears a noise. He turns around to find out that Baphomet is really that guy in the black mask, and . . he's just slit Silver's throat. Now . . the worst part of this story . . the part I eluded to in the very beginning . . I know it's hard to believe it gets worse than Silver dying, but . . the worst part of the story is that . . this is the end. That's the end of the book. It's a 6 issue mini-series, and that's the final issue? Aaarrrghh! But, in the bottom corner of the final page, it says . . 'End of Volume 1'. I can't believe they're going to leave us hanging like that. Well . . obviously there's going to have to be a part 2 to all of this. It's just a question of when and where. Plus, what about this guy? He knows Batman's identity now. Something has to be done. Damn you Kevin Smith. Hurry up and get this story written so that we can see what's going to happen. Please!

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