Sunday, July 18, 2010

X-Men: Second Coming #2 - Marvel

This was a fantastic issue. And a great way to wrap up this storyline. It's presented in 4 chapters . . I assume by the creative talent responsible for the various X-books. Chapter one is by Zeb Wells and Ibraim Roberson. Chapter 2 - Mike Carey and Esad Ribic. Chapter 3 - Craig Kyle & Chris Yost, with Greg Land doing the art. And Chapter 4 by Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson. Not to mention the awesome covers by Adi Granov and David Finch. A stellar creative team if ever there was one assembled. This issue basically wraps up everything, while at the same time giving us hints of what the future of the X-Men hold. In chapter one we see Hope, Scott, and the rest of the X-Men dealing with thier losses . . Nathan, Kurt, and others. As well as each of their own personal losses . . some physically . . some emotionally. It was very moving, and very poignant. In chapter 2, Hope is thinking back to her time with Nathan . . her father. He wasn't actually her father, but . . he was the only father figure she knew for her entire existence. He literally protected her with his life since the day she was born. Who could ask for a better father than that? The funeral scene was especially moving. We also see how some of the other mutants . . the younger ones, are reacting to Hope's presence. They've all been waiting for this day for quite a while, but they're more scared of her than in awe. Also Scott takes Rogue off of active duty. Chapter 3 is some defining moments in a few personal relationships. First Ororo, having found out about X-Force is appalled and in disgust of both Scott and Logan. Especially when she finds out that they don't much regret anything that they had to do. In fact . . both of them would probably do it over. It's probably the last time she'll talk to either of them . . for quite a while. Meanwhile Logan cuts the strings with Laura. He wants her to go out on her own . . find her own life. He wants her to stop living on someone else's agenda. The problem is . . she doesn't have the faintest idea where to start. And Logan and Scott cut their strings . . as far as X-Force is concerned. It's finished . . they did what they had to do. Now Scott just wants to move on and give the X-Men a dream again. The problem here is . . Logan hasn't given up on the team. In fact it now consists of Fantomex, Archangel, Psylocke and Deadpool. 'This is X-Force. There's only one rule . . No one can know!' And finally in Chapter 4 we see that everybody is moving on . . either with the X-Men, or away from them. Namor and Hank are both leaving. While Emma has reverted to her diamond form because she's tired of feeling so much. And when she goes to see Hope . . she swears that she sees the Phoenix Force in the fire around her. But when she tries to warn Scott . . it falls on deaf ears because he's staring at Cerebro and seeing the realization of their dream . . there's new X-genes being activated all over the globe. Although he's been second guessing himself the last few days, he looks at Emma and says, 'We were right!' And that's really what this whole book comes down to. They beat Bastion . . they came through the war . . a little worse for wear, but . . their dreams, their hopes, their goal . . the re-ignition of the mutant race has been achieved. My only question is . . how is Nathan going to come back? I mean, you know he's going to be back sooner or later. Most likely it'll be a younger version of him, but . . he'll be back. I thought this was an excellent issue and a great way to wrap up this story. I couldn't have hoped for more. Now we just have to wait and see where the X-Men go from here. I have a feeling we're only getting started.

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