Sunday, July 18, 2010

Red Robin #14 - DC

Do you remember how everyone in the JLA felt when they found out that the Batman was creating contingency plans for the rest of it's members? You know, just in case one of them decided to go rogue . . or someone took control of them? Well . . that's how Damian feels this issue. Tim is supposed to keep Damian company while Dick is out of town on JLA business. And I think Damian is feeling more than a little inferior next to Tim because . . right now, Tim seems more on top of his game than ever. And . . he's got a plan. A specific list of targets, and a means for apprehending them all. However, Damian is also a little to nosey for his own good. He hacks in to Tim's files, and finds another subroutine buried underneath and behind it all. In it, Tim is also started to put together plans for the various heroes he comes into contact with should he ever have to take one of them down. Included in that list is Damian. So, while out on patrol, Damian starts going mental on him and attacking. Luckily, Dick shows up just in the nick of time to put an end to the hostilities. When everything is put out there and explained, Dick understands where Damian is coming from. But . . he also understands Tim's concerns. Afterall, he went through pretty much the same thing with Bruce. Anyways, part of Tim's next step is to take down Det's Cavallo and Wise. So he's put it out there, in a very public press conference, that Wayne Industries is looking in to problems with the Wayne's youth center, because of corrupt GCPD. And that it has something to do with the temporary truce's that were called between gangs. His plans seem to be working because by the end of the issue we see that they've hired a hit-man to take Tim out. To me, Tim is one of the strongest characters in the Batman-family. Almost, if not equally as strong as Dick. Actually, I think they'd make the perfect team. Their strengths and weakness' would definitely balance each other out. The problem is . . they both make the perfect Batman, but for different reasons. I think eventually they'd be tripping all over each other. Which forces them to work better . . apart. Overall, they make more progress that way. It'll be interesting to see how everything changes in a couple of months when Bruce comes back. Anyways, my point is, I think Fabian Nicieza is doing a great job of working with, and developing this character. And I really think that Marcus To is coming along nicely with his artwork.

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