Saturday, July 31, 2010

Justice League of America #47 - DC

James Robinson and Mark Bagley are doing a fantastic job with this Dark Things storyline. We're starting to get some hints this issue that there may be a few flaws in the Starheart's plans. The Justice League, as well as the JSA have taken the fight to the Starhearts stronghold, on the dark side of the moon. Batman is leading a team, which Shilo Norman recently joined, to try to covertly enter this edifice that the Starheart has constructed. While the JSA All-Stars are leading a full-frontal assault on the city, to mask Batman's team's entrance. While the Starheart is holding Jay, Ted and Faust captive. During their entrance though, Batman's team notices that the constructs that their being deluged with are very mechanical and systematic in nature. Not at all what they'd expect from the Starheart . . a being of pure chaos. So that leads them to believe that Alan is exerting some kind of influence beneath the Starheart's possession. Meanwhile Faust has started questioning the tactics and sanity of the Starheart. Goading it, if you will. 'If you're all powerful, as you claim . . why is it Dr Fate who's keeping us captive and not you?' While Jay notices, as he asks other questions . .'I get it now. You're just a child.' While Dr Mid-nite has finally made it to Mikaal, to aid in his release. And the team gets some much needed help on the final page of this issue. Kyle Raynor has joined the fray. Jennie's greatly relieved . . somebody is finally here to help her father. 'Help Alan Scott? Sorry, Jennie. Not even close. The Guardians of OA have sent me here to kill him.' Well obviously he's not going to do that. But it'll be interesting to see just what help he does provide. Anyways, it seems that Batman's plans are working, and his various groups are chipping away at the edges of the Starheart's plans. Now, hopefully, it'll all come together next issue. I think this has been a great story-line. And probably one of the most exciting JLA/JSA team-ups I've ever read. I can't wait to see how it all turns out. I'm also enjoying the Cyborg / Red Tornado back-up story. This story takes us through the process of Vic rebuilding his injured friend. He's made him better than ever. Unfortunately, the first test of his new systems is when the Starheart's influence takes control of him, and Vic has to figure out a way to bypass all of the improvements that he's made. It's an interesting story also by James and Pow Rodrix. But it ends on a rather ominous note. 'I know how to help him. Trouble is . . to give him what he needs to save himself, I risk releasing the JLA's worst foe!'

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