Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brightest Day #6 - DC

Where do I begin with this one? We're getting a clearer picture of the threat that Jonn faces, but . . we still don't know exactly who this Martian is. I thought she was one of the White Martians, but . . I don't think so. I think she's of Jonn's 'tribe', but . . different. For one . . there seems to be 2 consciousness' inside of her. They both seem to want the same thing . . carnage and destruction, but . . they argue about how to go about it. Jonn checks the Still Zone, where he's holding the White Martians, but none of them are missing. However when he goes to M'gann for support . . he finds that she's been attacked also. We don't know yet that she's dead, but . . she's gotta be seriously injured. During his travels, Jonn discovers that plant life seems to die at his touch. While he doesn't seem to have and adverse affects on animals or people. It's just something else for him to worry about. Anyways, while that's going on . . Boston, as well as Hawk and Dove, are trying to figure out what's going on with the White Ring that he's wearing. They tried to bring Hawk's brother, and Dove's sister back to life, but . . the ring doesn't seem to work that way. Or . . it doesn't want to. Also this ring talks to Boston more than the rings of the other spectrums do to it's bearer. However, most of it's messages are pretty cryptic. Right now it wants Boston to . . 'Eat a cheeseburger'. I have a feeling though that Dove is going to stick with him for a while and help him decipher these messages. Also, Jason and Ronnie have to get together, literally, to save a couple of guys at a construction site. The problem is . . Ronnie tied one on last night and is pretty hung over. They fumble through it, and Ronnie finally tells Jason that he apologizes for what happened to Gen . . that he actually remembers it. Which is amazing because no one else has any memories of what they did while transformed. He tries to explain, and apologize, but . . someone else doesn't. That little voice that they keep hearing is back. 'Yeah, he's sorry, Jace. But me? Not so much.' There's someone in the Firestorm Matrix with them. And Mera finally tells Arthur her story. It seems that the race of people she comes from were actually Atlantean . . at one time. But then they were cast off to a penal colony, after one of their civil wars, behind an impenetrable invisible shield. That was centuries ago. Mera is the King's daughter and was trained to kill the King of Atlantis should they ever be released. There was a fissure . . small enough for one person to get through, and Mera was sent to complete the task. She, however, found that Arthur wasn't whom she was told he was . . and fell in love with him. But now, apparently, they've gotten through as the people that have been attacking him are actually Xebel soldiers, and Siren . . her younger sister. Geoff Johns and Peter J Tomasi did a great job with this issue. I really like the way the story is unfolding for all of these characters . . along with the focus that's being paid to each of them. And of course the art was tremendous. Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Scott Clark, and Joe Prado should be very proud of the book that they've created it. I think it's been fantastic . . week after week.

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