Saturday, July 31, 2010

the Warlord #16 - DC

I'm worried. I'm worried that this may be the final issue of the Warlord. It doesn't say so . . as such. And the story kind of leaves things hanging a bit at the end. But . . there's no other issues listed in the previews, at least through November. And, books have taken breaks before, so . . hopefully that's all this is. I know there's an upcoming storyline in the DC Universe that involves Skartaris, so . . hopefully that's all this is . . a hiatus until that storyline works it's way out. The landscape of Skartaris has definitely changed over the course of this incarnation. And I'd imagine that with this alien invasion imminent, we haven't seen the last of the changes. So hopefully this will pick up after the new ground-work has been set. But right now . . I really don't know. What happens this issue? Well, Skartaris has prepared itself for war. It know that the alien will definitely attack, it's just a question of where and when. Also, McBane has made contact with the 'outer-world', with the use of Travis' radio in his SR-71. He's also sent the video that he's made since arriving here. Apparently he just wants to let the world know that they're down here. Because shortly after that, they seal the polar opening to Skartaris. There's also something to do with the magic realm as Travis' daughter, Jennifer, and his other daughter Morgana have used their magic to not only open the portal between Skartaris and the magic realm, but also to stop and destroy Deimos in the process. At least they think they destroyed him.That guy is like a cockroach. So, as I've said . . Mike Grell has left an awful lot hanging here. I can't believe that they'd just let it go like this, but . . maybe they just have to work out that other storyline first. Anyways, I hope it's not the end. I really do. I love Mike's work, and I love this character. But now, I guess . . it's just a waiting game. We'll have to see what the powers that be decide to do. Hopefully it's the right choice.

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