Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kato #3 - Dynamite Entertainment

I appreciate what Andre Parks is trying to do here . . set up this whole origin story for Kato, and his daughter Mulan, but . . I'm just not really getting in to it. Plus . . I have a few questions. We seen Kato and the Green Hornet in action around 1938. As far as the Green Hornet Year One story is going. However, when we start this story, Kato is a young boy in southern China, circa 1960. And obviously his dad didn't partake in the life of adventure because he's just a scared man living under a very strict communist regime. We then move forward in time to the present day, and Mulan is trying to make Hirohito Juuma pay for killing his mother. Remember, last issue he killed her in the warehouse in which they were living? She can't find him directly, so she attacking one of his business' . . a trendy bar / brothel. But this is apparently before her dad really started working with her. She knows enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be doing this on her own. She been staying with her father, and a few other warriors . . Haro, Yukio and Naoko . . but she wants to make a name for herself. Plus she wants to avenge her mother's death. Anyways, Kato helps her get out of a rather sticky situation, but not before she attracts the attention of Juuma. If she'd been by herself, Juuma might not have made the connection to Kato. But seeing as how he and his comrades showed up to participate . . the family is now clearly on his radar. And he's seriously pissed. It is an interesting story. However, I find myself just not really caring all that much. Plus, like I said, there's a few difficulties with the time-line. Things don't seem to be matching up between this book and the other ones. I'm really not trying to find mistakes, just so I can point them out. I just think it makes things a little confusing for the reader. Diego Bernard does the art. It looks pretty good. Unfortunately, I just don't think I'll be sticking with this one to much longer. Sorry! I have to watch were I spend my money. And there's other more deserving books.

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