Saturday, July 31, 2010

Green Lantern #56 - DC

Well, as you can see by the cover . . Hector Hammond is back. But that's not even the real problem. The real problem is that by the end of this issue . . he's also posessed by Ophidian . . Larfleeze's entity. The Orange entity of Avarice. That cannot be a good combination. The long and short of this is . . Larfleeze has decided to live on Earth. 'I've learned that everyone on this world shares my insatiable desire. I've seen commercials!' The problem is he's set up shop outside of a little town in Minnesota. And to satiate his avarice, he's been taking whatever he wants from the locals. Which is how Hal Jordan gets involved. The local Sheriff needs a little help with this problem. Hal tries to warn him that he can't continue this behavior. 'I don't need to anymore. I've learned of the gift giver who resides within your icy lands. He'll give me all that I desire, as long as I send him a list! I know about Santa Claus!' That's hilarious. Anyways, there's 3 other entities loose on Earth . . the Blue, Red and Sapphire, while the Indigo's is still unknown. Hal wants to capture and contain them, but . . Larfleeze is the only one who's done so successfully. Until he and Hector integrate at the end of this issue, Larfleeze has kept Ophidian safely contained within his Orange Lantern. Hal wants to know how he did it. But he may have to learn first hand. It's probably the only way they're going to get Hector and Ophidian separated. Anyways, while this is going on, Saint Walker is in Nanda Parbat with Renee Montoya. They're laying Charlies body back to rest. His was the last to be returned to it's resting site after the Black Lantern attack. But Saint Walker lets Renee know that there's still hope. Adara, the Blue entity is on Earth. 'The time for mourning will soon be over, Renee, for Earth has been blessed. Adara is here. And we will soon bear witness to a miracle.' What ever that means. I know Larfleeze is a monster, and not a good person . . er, alien. But . . I think his character is hilarious. Without even trying to be so. And it's hard to believe, but . . the transformation of Hector has made him even uglier than he was before. Geoff Johns is continuing to do a tremendous job with this book. And I really like Doug Mahnke's unique style with these characters. Our 2 covers are by Doug and Art Germ. They both look great. It's hard to believe that there's been alternate covers of this book for the last 18 issues. 20 really, but they skipped #37. I hope they give it a rest soon, I'm tire of looking for them all.

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