Saturday, July 31, 2010

the Authority - the Lost Year #11 - WildStorm

Well it figures that the Authority's last stop on the little hitchhiking tour of the galaxy would be the worst one. On this world the Authority decided to use their power and take control . . or everything. When that was done, and they had no one left to fight . . they began splitting apart. Each of them took control of a different part of the world, whether it be geographical, or ideological . . they put a choke-hold on everything . . every aspect. They were . . the ultimate authority. Pun intended. My only question is, I'm not sure why they didn't kill all the other supers. I don't know if they thought that eventually they'd turn them into slave . . or if they just wanted someone to lord their authority over . . someone that counted. But that ends up being their downfall. When they put Midnighter in a prison, it ended up being a prison of his design. A prison that he had thought about and contemplated many times, but never made. Until they got to this world. So he also knew exactly how to disable it. The other thing that I think was their downfall was . . once they had no one else to fight . . they began turning on each other. Survival instinct . . I guess. Anyways, it's a long hard fought battle, and our Authority learns a lot about theirs on the way out. Jenny makes a grand gesture on the way out, and Midnighter asks her why. 'Why? Why the fuss if you already had this in motion?' To which Jenny replies, 'It was a long shot. Maybe I just wanted them to think we were heroes!' More or less, it was the standard 'good Authority vs bad Authority' issue. But . . this one gave these characters, and us the readers, an awful lot to think about. This was something that the Authority never, ever thought that they would do. But on this world . . they did. They decided to take that step. And no matter how much they justify that they're not this world's Authority, in some sense . . they are. Or, could be. Like I said . . they have a lot to think about. I thought it was a fantastic penultimate issue. Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen did a great job with the story. And Brandon Badeaux' art looked incredible. This was a great way for this series to go out. I can't wait to see what they have in store for the final issue . . and how they're going to tie this all together with the current state of the WildStorm Universe.

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