Saturday, July 31, 2010

Action Comics #891 - DC

Luthor is getting ready to go out in search of the energy of the Black Rings. He's become obsessed with it, really. But, apparently, this issue is a little respite before that actual adventure begins. The book starts out with Luthor back in Roman times . . he's playing the conquering hero. But it isn't long before we realize that all of this is an illusion created by Mr Mind. Apparently, someone has hired . . or, rather forced Mr Mind to first delay Lex. And then, through the use of his illusions, soften his mind enough to reprogram it to never, ever seek the help of others. But since he's been forced, Mr Mind isn't really into this, and I don't think he's putting his best efforts forward. He takes him through this roman adventure, and then a kind of Dr Frankenstein piece . . hence, the cover, and finally a Wild-West version of himself. However with each illusion Lex gains more and more control. Until finally he beats Mr Mind. The issue ends with him finally starting out on that trek, and deciding . . because of Mr Mind's theatrics, to take along someone for help . . his Lois Lane robot. I wonder what Lois, or Clark would do if they knew that Lex had this little piece of equipment in his possession? That's probably a story for another time. Lex has also decided to bring along a specialist . . Deathstroke. So next issue . . the adventure begins. I'm interested to see how Lex thinks he's going to be able to coalesce all these fragments of the Black Lantern's energy. I'm not sure what he hopes to accomplish. Anyways, this issue is brought to us by Paul Cornell. With Pete Woods and Cafu doing the art. Overall I thought it was a pretty solid book. I even liked the Mr Mind parts, which I usually don't. But I thought the best part about this book was the David Finch cover. It looked fantastic. If this is what we can expect between now and issue #900, I can't wait to see the rest.

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