Sunday, July 18, 2010

X-Force #28 - Marvel

Reading this book, I'm kind of morose knowing that it'll shortly be coming to it's conclusion. But I'm sure that doesn't mean that we won't see these characters in action again . . soon. Probably just not under this banner. Anyways this is the final chapter of Second Coming. Well, except for the Second Coming #2 issue, and the last issue of the Hellbound mini-series. But basically . . this is it. At the end of the last chapter we saw Cable coming through the portal from the future. As I suspected it was because of the techno-organic virus. But not Doug's. It appears that Cable let his own run rampant through is system. Anyways, they all make it through . . hurt and damaged. But shortly after Hope sees Cable blow up in front of her. The only thing left is his arm. Which really pisses her off. So when Bastion attacks, she takes it all out on him. Which apparently triggers her powers. We don't know exactly what they are, yet, but . . it appears that she's got some kind of energy manipulation. She can expel it from her hands, her eyes, and it looks like in the form of a shield or barrier. Long story short . . she takes down Bastion, which then takes down the dome over San Francisco. At the end, when the Avengers and the X-Club come to see what's happened, she's floating over the Golden Gate Bridge . . probably adjusting to her powers, and . . everyone else is just standing in awe looking at her. We can pretty much tell from this story how everything is going to turn out. But . . I'm guessing that Second Coming #2 will provide the definitive answers, setting the stage for the future of the X-Men. I thought it was a good issue. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost did a good job with the story. And Mike Choi's art looked fantastic. I would say he's gotten as good, or better than Clayton Crain. But that's a discussion for another time. I'm going to be sad to see this book go. But . . I'm also excited about what the future has in store for all of these characters. I'm sure there definitely won't be a lack of entertainment or excitement.

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