Sunday, July 18, 2010

Titans #25 - DC

I have to say . . Eric Wallace's story had me just a little confused here. Last issue we found out that the Titans were hired to protect Lex Luthor. Well . . they thought they were hired to take him out, when actually they were hired to expose the chink in his security. It turns out the head of his security was a shape-shifter by the name of Facade. The issue starts out with Lex and Slade in the sewers fighting this chick. The rest of Slade's 'Titans' are on the surface wondering what's going on. They come down to join him, but . . this was a one man show pretty much right from the beginning. Anyways, it turns out that Facade was actually more machine than human and Slade takes her out with a combination of electromagnetics and magnetism. Ta-da! The threats over, now everyone can go home and have a beer. However, we also find out that this little adventure had put quite a strain on this rag-tag group of characters that Slade put together. Osiris is about ready to leave the group, and Jade has become a liability because she can't get past mourning for her daughter. Not to mention that the Tattooed Man is also questioning his involvement. But Slade gets them to hang on for another day. He convinced that he has to get them ready for something that's coming. The part that had me kind of confused was Lex Luthor's role in all of this. We find out later that it appears that Facade was actually one of his own corporate experiments. And apparently some of his scientists had decided to try to use it against Lex. But there's also a hint that maybe he did this all as a test. I'm not really sure. That part of the story was more than a little confusing. Anyways, Osiris is still clinging to his quest to bring his sister back. I thought it was an interesting issue. Eric did a decent job with the story. I thought Fabrizio Fiorentino did a great job with the art, and cover. I think my whole problem is, it just doesn't seem like a 'Titans' book to me. I don't know. Maybe it'll grow on me.

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