Sunday, July 25, 2010

Zatanna #3 - DC

While I enjoyed this book . . I was kind of disappointed by the whole premise. I like Zatanna as a character. My only problem is . . there's nothing, really, that she can't do, if she just says it backwards. And basically, she can work as fast as her mind and mouth will let her. And her only weakness is her voice. If it gives out, then she's powerless. But to me . . that does raise a question. What if she were to record her voice? What if she were to digitally record certain spells that she might need in dire situations? Stuff like '!eciov ym nruteR'. Or, '!em tcetorP'. By the way, that's harder to do than it looks. Anyways, I'm just wondering if her voice, or her spells would work that way. But then the question comes it, what if she did that and somebody else got ahold of it? Or worse . . put it on the internet for everybody to download? Now that, I think, would make for an interesting story-line. Anyways, Zatanna has been bothered by Brother Night lately. But once they come face to face, it's just a matter of throwing a few spells back and forth until Zatanna gets the upper-hand. But Brother Night doesn't make it any to easy, because . . he's got Zatanna's dad, Zatarra, under his spell. But luckily . . Zatanna still has Fuseli trapped in her hat. Zatarra is in kind of a ghostly dream-state, so Fuseli just has to get in there and gradually bring him out. Once that's done, Zatanna beats him quite easily and turns him back to normal, Eldon Peck. Once she does that, all she has to do is turn him over to the police to pay for his crimes. And, I guess, that's the part that I didn't really care for. There was a ton of build-up and anticipation, but then in the end . . all it took was a few spells. Eldon's powerless, back to normal and in jail. But she also forced him to renounce his powers and his masters, so . . they aren't going to be taking very kindly to the betrayal. I have a feeling he'll suffer a lot more from them than in any jail. The one question we have now though is . . what's the fate of Zatarra? He seems . . relieved. It appears that he's no longer a denizen of Hell. But what is his final destination? I'm sure we'll see more about that in the future. Don't get me wrong . . I enjoyed the book. I just didn't care for the resolution that Paul Dini wrote for the ending. Stephane Roux does the art, as well as the cover. With Brian Bolland doing the variant.

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