Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Authority #24 - DC

Well, the entity that has drawn the Carrier into it's web is called Mondregon. We find this out from River, the little boy that John, the High, has been trying to protect. Apparently it lays dormant in space until something with some life in it floats close enough for it to ensnare. In this case . . it's the Carrier, and everyone on board. This assembled band of heroes fights it, and the Aegean, whom they themselves brought on board. But despite their eminent deaths, 3 important things happen. First of all, Angie, who connects with River, finds out that this little boy is much, much more than he appears to be. We see a glimpse of it this issue, but . . I'm sure it's just the tip of the iceberg. Secondly, Jack pulls out his secret weapon and uses it to beat the Aegean. Apparently it's and EMP generator. And with his code-word to open it's case, 'Hawksmoor. Final solution.', we're guessing that it's probably strong enough to take out the whole Carrier. I'm sure everyone is going to be more than a little interested in that, once the dust settles. And finally . . John Cumberland, the High, makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the Carrier and the people on board. Although, really . . I think he does it mostly for River. 'In my quest to make humanity better, I've done so much to hurt it. But this child . . what he could someday do . . saving the child could erase all of my sins. But you have to promise me something, Christine. Promise me you'll do everything in your power to give him a childhood.' And with that he takes off into space and uses his incredible power to take out Mondregon. I thought it was a good way to wrap up this story. It was full of action and adventure, and a few more mysteries for our heroes to solve. I thought Tom Taylor did a good job with this story arc. And of course, Al Barrionuevo did a terrific job with the art. But I would've expected nothing less from him. Now we just have to sit back and see where the Carrier takes our group of heroes next. Eventually, maybe, they'll make it back to Earth.

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