Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wolverine Origins #50 - Marvel

Next month not only does Wolverine restart his own book, but . . he's about to have his own family of books also. There's the solo book, plus Daken's title. Not to mention Laura, X-23's title. Plus the myriad mini-series and one shots that he'll be involved in. The first being Wolverine: Road to Hell. So, it seems that this issue was a way of Logan kind of clearing up his past before he moves on to all of that. We saw last issue that he went out to the woods to get away from everything, but when Nick Fury shows up, and mentions that it's his birthday . . all of his old programming seems to kick in. But as Logan's discovered lately, not only does he have the programming of Weapon X to worry about, but . . he's also got everything that Romulus has drilled into his head over the years. What he comes to realize this issue, thanks to the influence of all the various women that he's fallen in love with over the years . . the truly bright moments that he's had . . what he learns is that the future is forever changing. It's a blank canvas written to be drawn. And if he keeps looking to his past before making his decisions for the future, he's going to end up in the same place he's always been. Logan has decided that it's time to change his path. Maybe not a lot, but . . even a little bit counts. Past actions do not define future behavior. Unless you let it. And Logan has decided that he's tired of falling into that trap. The main thing I'm going to miss about this book is Daniel Way's thought provoking stories. I'm sure he'll end up someplace else, but . . it won't be here. That's kind of sad. I've really enjoyed his stories over the last couple of years. Will Conrad steps in for the art this issue. This has been a great series. And we've learned a lot about Logan through it. It's a shame it's reached it's end.

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