Sunday, July 25, 2010

Supergirl #54 - DC

On the inside of this issue, Supergirl is nowhere near as perky as she appears on this cover. In fact . . she's rather sullen, and down-trodden. She's still wallowing in the grief of what happened to New Krypton, and her mother. Although, I'm sure it's not quite as fatal as everyone believes. I mean, it was the bottle city of Kandor. I can't believe that they'd just blow it up for the sake of a story-line. I think something will happen and we'll find that the city is still around . . somewhere. But that's a story for another time. In this one Metropolis sees the arrival of Bizarro Supergirl. And she beats quite a path around the city before Lana can get Kara to get out of the house and do something to help. Also, Cat Grant overhears Lana's end of the conversation, as she's hiding in a bathroom stall. She doesn't know Kara's identity as Linda Lang, but . . she does know that somehow Supergirl and Lana are connected. In fact, she knows that Lana is a rather influential part of Supergirl's life. I'm sure she's wondering how that came about. Anyways, Jimmy and Gangbuster get captured by Bizarro Supergirl, before Kara can attempt a rescue. But we find out that Bizarro Super-girls 'see-through' vision, being the opposite of Kara's . . turns her into solid steel. The issue ends with us looking at a Supergirl statue. We also get a hint that there's somebody in Metropolis, posing as a policeman, that's capturing children. We just get the barest hint at that storyline, but . . I'm sure it'll progress soon. The creative team on this book is now Sterling Gates and Jamal Igle. I think they can bring something different to this book. Now that we're done with the War of the Supermen, Kara . . er, Linda, needs to get her own life going again. I like this book. I hope that they can keep the momentum going.

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