Sunday, July 18, 2010

the Authority: the Lost Year #10 - WildStorm

To be honest . . I thought this was probably the best issue of this series to date. I thought the concept and the story were brilliant. But with Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen involved . . what else could I expect? Anyways . . the Authority have come to yet another world . . a varied version of their own . . but on this one the Authority have assumed absolute authority over the entire planet. They land here because . . basically, on the way to find their home, the Carrier needed a breather. The difference though with this one is that the Authority concede. They see the force that they're being met with, and rather than fight back . . they decide to submit and see what they're dealing with . . to suss out the players before jumping into the game. But they're all immediately separated and incarcerated. Which makes them suspect . . maybe surrendering wasn't their best course of action. However, the prison they're put in . . it's one of the Midnighter's design. Which leads him to think . . if he's thought this out, any number of different ways . . both him and his alter, then they probably both thought about and installed a fail-safe. Which he/they did. Once free of the prison, and having deactivated the rest of the fail-safes, Midnighter clues everybody else in to the advantage of their arrival. 'This complex is something I've given a lot of thought to. Don't pretend that I'm the only one who's imagined what it'd be like if we . . exerted our authority. We've all played out 'what-if' scenarios. The only difference between us and them is they acted it out. We know what they've done because . . we've considered doing it. Which levels the playing field.' However the one thing they don't know is where the Doctor is. But we see that he is in the possession of this world's Doctor. And this world's Doctor is the red-haired, drug addicted one. So who really knows what he's capable of? Anyways . . I loved the issue. This issue was like a classic Authority issue . . the team I came to love. Which means that . . now that they've figured out the problem . . it's time to kick some butt. Keith did a great job with this story. Also Brandon Badeaux did a great job with the art this issue.

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