Sunday, July 18, 2010

Booster Gold #34 - DC

Michael has gone back into the past, once again, to try to find something to bring back to the future to prove to the Justice League, and the rest of the world, of Max's existence. However, upon arriving, he's overwhelmed with emotion, because of his long lost friend, Ted, and . . he's gets wrapped up with an adventure that he really has no business being on. Ted has been hired by an order of the Vatican to retrieve a 'kind of, sort of' copy of the Book of Destiny. Apparently somebody, quite a while ago, had viewed the book and wrote down some cliff-notes of what he had read. The book is so powerful that even in this weakened, diluted state, it was still powerful enough for someone to seek it for monetary gain. They end up on some sorcerer's world . . or something similar, where they find Heronymous, the Under-Achiever holding the book with hopes of conquering the universe. Michael and Ted have also dragged Scott and Barda along for their adventure. Their argument to get them to join? 'Do you really want to leave the fate of all creation . . in the hands of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold?' A pretty convincing argument, actually. Anyways, while all of this is going on, Michael still has to deal with a couple of other people in his life . . Michelle, his sister, and Rani the little girl he brought back with him from Daxam's future. Michael's always got so many things going on that he hasn't been paying much attention to either of them. I think that's probably going to come back to bite him in the butt. I enjoy Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis' stories, but . . I just think that when they get together, with these characters, they get way to goofy. I thought it was interesting though that this issue Booster realized that he's not that person anymore. After a while of yucking it up with Ted, he realizes just how loose he played it back then. It's a pretty mature realization, actually. Anyways, Chris Batista is doing the art, with a little help from Chris. Overall I think it's kept a good feel to the book, since Dan left. I like this character. I think there's a lot of potential here. I'm just not fond of all the goofiness. Hopefully it'll pass.

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