Sunday, July 18, 2010

Justice League Generation Lost #5 - DC

At the end of last issue we saw that Max had made contact with our reluctant group of heroes here. Well . . actually, Booster was fed up with how they were all being led around by the nose and called Max out. He claims that he brought these guys together because the world needs them. I guess he's playing that altruism card again. Anyways, they don't necessarily want to play into Max's hand, but . . they also think that together the have the best chance of finding and confronting him. Plus between Max's shooting his best friend, and then beating him with a piece of rebar . . this has become extremely personal to Booster. Plus they've added a couple of new members with Rocket Red and Blue Beetle. I also like the way that Judd Winick seems to be bringing these characters closer and closer together with every issue. Captain Atom saves a life this issue, plus has a nice heart to heart conversation with Ice. And, through the events of this issue, Jaime, who was reluctant to come along, has decided to stick it out with this group. I think he realizes that they're trying to do the right thing, and could probably use all the help they can get. Also Booster has another of his epiphany moments this issue . . as I said in the previous post, where he had some mature moments. He realizes that despite all his power, and all his strength, he's always had one weakness . . a weakness that Max has continued to exploit . . 'Sometimes I have no clue when I'm getting screwed over.' But with this groups help . . he's trying to put that weakness behind him. Like I said, I think Judd is doing a great job here. There's some great character development. I'm also enjoying Aaron Lopresti's art . . with Keith Giffen's help. Not to mention 2 great covers by Tony Harris and Kevin Maguire. I think this is a great series. You should give it a shot . . if you're not.

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